Kees Admiral of Tulips

Konstantin Sergienko

Konstantin Sergienko

Konstantin Sergienko graduated from the editorial and publishing department of journalism at Moscow State University (1967) and was fluent in German, French and English.  He mainly wrote historical novels, which were distributed by the publishing companies “Children’s Literature” and “Young Guards”.

Sergienko wrote books for children and young adults, many of which are devoted to historical themes. His major works are "Kees Admiral of Tulips", "Borodino awakening," "Goodbye, Ravine," "House on the Hill", "Xenia", "Bring Us Away, Pegasus," "Cardboard Heart", "White Rondell", "Days of Late Autumn" and "The Happiest Day".

Sergienko’s books have been translated into 12 foreign languages. Some of his works were adapted into plays, which were shown in 40 different theaters in and outside of Russia.

His first book was a historical novel entitled "Kees Admiral of Tulips”. It chronicled the dangerous and humorous adventures of a young man and his friends from the city of Leiden ("Children's Literature", 1975). The book’s main character is the 12-year-old boy Kees (Cornelis Joppensz), who lived in the Dutch city of Leiden during its siege by Spanish troops in 1574. He embarks on a perilous journey - a special mission - from the besieged city of Leiden to Rotterdam.

Travelling with Kees are his friends, the circus artist Karakol; Ele, a mysterious girl; and a boy named Red Fox. They experience many adventures and are faced with the intrigues of the powerful Jesuit order. In preparation for writing this book, Sergienko read more than five hundred historical works in a variety of languages.