Kees Admiral of Tulips

Kees Admiraal der Tulpen
Hardback ISBN: 978-3-943974-04-1
eBook ISBN: 978-3-943974-07-2

Kees Admiral of Tulips Kees Admiral of Tulips

Dmitrii Bykov

Which book has made the greatest impression on you growing up?
"Legend of the Eulenspiegel" from Charles de Coster. As a child it was for me a substitute for the Bible. In my opinion, there is only one equal in strength to this children's book - "Kees Admiral of Tulips" by Konstantin Sergienko.

Alexander Ilichevsky

Writer, winner of the Russian Booker Prize (2007) and the Great Russian Book Prize (2010)
"When I first saw paintings from Breughel, what surprised me most was how they all seemed familiar to me. What I saw were illustrations from "Kees, Admiral of the Tulips," a book in which – during my childhood – I was as absorbed in as I was in Alice in Wonderland. The patchwork cover of the moors, the dikes and windmills, the canals of this flat land, during which in winter the scraping of skates can be heard, fearless Kees, the siege of Leiden, the uprising of the Geuzen and the Juggler Karakol with his false hump ( later, I always thought that all hunchbacks hide mysterious treasures in their humps) - all that I'll never forget. No reality can compete with the credibility of this story.

Anner Margarita

This book has remained in my memory. As a girl, I loved it. It is written in an interesting, simple way, and provides details of life in Holland at that time with an element of the fairy tale. It’s language is suitable for children with exciting historical descriptions. I recommend it for today’s modern child, who will gain a lot of knowledge of those times.

Travel to Holland Kees Admiral of Tulips - Natalia BittenПутешествие-с-Кеесом
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